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MagicSnow: Make Snow Easy, Effortlessly and Fast Iensid C4D

15 Jan

Nitroman has just released a Christmas treat for all of us in the Cinema 4D community! Magic Snow is a free plugin that creates snow.

That’s pretty sweet, but the even cooler part is that the snow can collide with objects and begin to pile up naturally. Really awesome stuff!

Final Result


Here is a quick overview of the plugin by Nitroman


How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins

Download R12 – R13: nitro4d.com


Cinema 4D R13 – Particles Transition to Text with PolyFX Tutorial

28 Nov

This Tutorial will show you the process of Creating a very professional Swipe using PolyFX to transform Particles to Text in Cinema 4D R13.


[Source] ChromeDesignsHD

Tip: Introducing Thinking Particles

24 Nov

In this tip video for 3ds max, we’ll introduce Cebas Thinking Particles. We’ll take a look in general to the UI, and some informations about the basic workflow to understand how to play with the rule-based architecture and how to create a simple particle system working on borning, speed, shape and force nodes.

To start this tutorial visit CG Cookie