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Cinema 4D Tips and Shortcuts

3 Jul

In this Video Chris Schmidt shares his favorite Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Workflow Enhancements for Cinema 4D.

[Source] Chicago C4D



Cinema 4D – HDRI & Lighting Tips & Tricks

1 Jul

Today you will be learning how to create your own studio HDRI’s inside of cinema 4d using a few basic functions, HDRI’s are used in 3d programs to create realistic reflections to your scenes.

[Source] http://project-4d.com


Creating A Cool Broadcast Background In Cinema 4D & AE

27 Jun

In this tutorial author “Stefan Surmabojov” of cgtuts+ going to show you How to create a cool looking broadcast background using cinema 4d and after effects.

Check out the tutorial for Creating A Cool Broadcast Background In Cinema 4D & After Effects here.


[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g8M5gvvbMQI?p=1 width=”480″ height=”326″]



[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g8M5gvvbRAI?p=1 width=”480″ height=”326″]


EASY Feather v.1

20 Jun

http://c4dtools.net/easy-feather This is Feather-RIG for a quick an easy way to setup and build realistic Feathers.

Supported C4D releases:  R13, Required C4D modules:  Hair



Cinema 4D: How to Write Text With The Marker

18 Jun

In this tutorial from “caligofx.net“ show you  how to, model a marker, create basic material for it, clone and animate, set proximal shadar, set lights, after effects correction.


Download Project File.

Using Marker to Text project file:

Download Project File.

Cinema 4D – IvyGrower v1.2.1 Plugin & Tutorial

17 Jun

vrayforc4d-training.com Ivy Grower is a FREE plugin for C4D and here is some tips on how you can use it in order to create realistic looking “climbing plant” simulation.
Free download IvyGrower 1.2.1 from kuroyumes-developmentzone



C4D R13: Cuber Text Generator

15 Jun

A new fantastic tutorial, a new way to play with text. Enjoy this tutorial that explains how to use a “cloner object” with creativity, Mograph never ceases to amaze us and its applications are endless.

Click here to download the project files.