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3ds Max 2012 Using CAT to Create Realistic Human Walk Cycle

28 Jun

Quick run thru showing how to change the default parametric walk cycle in CAT from something goofy to something usable. 3ds Max 2012 included.




Autodesk 3ds Max CAT Tutorial

27 Feb

CAT is designed by animators, for animators to take the tedious technicalities out of 3D character animation. Its complete toolset enables easy character rigging, non-linear animation, animation layering, motion capture import, muscle simulation, and more. CAT is fast, stable, simple, and packed with cutting-edge features that give artists an easier way to animate characters in 3ds Max.

CAT Overview
In this first set of videos on the CAT subject, cover the basics of CAT. Where it is on the interface and how to load the preset rigs that are available right after the install.

Rigging with CAT
In this second set of videos, see how to create a character rig from scratch with all the rigging tools available in CAT. Also learn fine tuning the rig & creating non bipadal rigs.

Animating with CAT
In this second set of videos, you will learn how to use CAT to animate. You’ll see everything about the animation layer manager and the types of layers that CAT offers. You will also go through some techniques for using CAT Motion and the Target IK system.

In 3ds Max CAT, muscles are helper objects that you can use to create a skin that looks realistic when stretched and deformed.

Welcome to the online video tutorial for Autodesk 3ds Max CAT.