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Spline Mesher Modifier

29 Jun

A modifier that meshes a spline in much the same way as the Renderable Spline options in 3dsmax, but offers additional options like using a curve to control the shape.

The curve used to control the shape is the animation curve assigned to the ‘Shape’ channel: it uses the values from 0 – 100 (regardless of any animation range in the scene) as percent along the curve. Watching the quicktime might make it clearer.

Has a grow option, a second curve shape you can blend in, mapping options.

No docs at the moment, most of the spinners should make sense but if you want to enable the seondary shape (which is the ‘shape tip’ channel) the set the ‘Grow Style’ to 1. You then use the ‘Tip Blend Point’ and ‘Tip Blend Range’ to control where and how softly the shape transitions from controlled by the first curve to the second.

For download & more detail visit


EASY Feather v.1

20 Jun This is Feather-RIG for a quick an easy way to setup and build realistic Feathers.

Supported C4D releases:  R13, Required C4D modules:  Hair



Cinema 4D – IvyGrower v1.2.1 Plugin & Tutorial

17 Jun Ivy Grower is a FREE plugin for C4D and here is some tips on how you can use it in order to create realistic looking “climbing plant” simulation.
Free download IvyGrower 1.2.1 from kuroyumes-developmentzone



Nitroman’s Magic SlowMotion Plugin for Cinema 4D

15 May

With this plugin you can make very easy slow motion effect in dynamis also there is spline you can control the easy in and out. It is very simple just made new object and select the start and stop in the sec you have nice effects slow motion . work great with thrausi,catastorphe,nitroblast to make slowmotion fractue effects.

Visit here to Download Nitroman’s Magic Slow Motion Plugin for Cinema 4d.

System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit

Cinema4D : R13

Version : Broadcast , Studio

Avalable Verion : 1.0

How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins



MagicSnow: Make Snow Easy, Effortlessly and Fast Iensid C4D

15 Jan

Nitroman has just released a Christmas treat for all of us in the Cinema 4D community! Magic Snow is a free plugin that creates snow.

That’s pretty sweet, but the even cooler part is that the snow can collide with objects and begin to pile up naturally. Really awesome stuff!

Final Result


Here is a quick overview of the plugin by Nitroman


How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins

Download R12 – R13:

Maxon Releases Free After Effects to Cinema 4D plug-in

27 Nov

Cinema 4D and After Effects workflow in action, with an earlier release of Maxon’s exchange plug-in.

Maxon has released a free plug-in enabling After Effects users to import projects directly into Cinema 4D R13.

The tool works with After Effects CS3 and above.

Updated: Previous versions of the plug-in offer support for earlier releases of the two applications, but only permit export from Cinema 4D to After Effects, not vice versa.


Press Release (Excerpts)
MAXON, the leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, today announced immediate availability of a new plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® CS5 and CS5.5 that allows motion graphics artists to export projects directly into CINEMA 4D R13. This new capability broadens CINEMA 4D’s domination as the industry-leading 3D motion graphics toolkit, known for its seamless connectivity to popular 2D motion graphics and compositing tools. This new plug-in is the perfect companion to the CINEMA 4D composition import already widely used by broadcast designers worldwide. With the combination of these two plugins, motion graphics artists working on Windows and Mac OS X will enjoy easy data exchange to and from both applications.

The CINEMA 4D export appears directly in the After Effects export menu and generates a .c4d file containing 3D layers, cameras, lights, solids, nulls and footage. Even nested compositions are supported. All major layer attributes including animations (rotation, position, parameter, anchor points, POI, etc.), expressions, layer parenting, layer locking and layer visibility are retained. Render and document settings in CINEMA 4D are adapted accordingly to the After Effects’ project settings.

Pricing and Availability
The new CINEMA 4D R13 exchange plug-in compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 is immediately available as a free download from the MAXON website.

Download the exchange plug-in
(Includes download links for previous versions.)

ghostTown 0.21 Tool for 3ds Max

23 Mar

A city generator and tool for creating urban environments.

  • Lopoly or highpoly buildings
  • Roadtool for making basic road layouts
  • Easy material system, add your textures and they will be randomly distributed
  • Add details were needed with basic scripts for facades etc
  • Custom scripting and support for openstreetmap coming soon

Works for 3dsMax 2010-2011 only!

A quick overview and tutorial:

You can download it free at the ghostTown site