Cinema 4D Tips and Shortcuts

3 Jul

In this Video Chris Schmidt shares his favorite Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Workflow Enhancements for Cinema 4D.

[Source] Chicago C4D



Cinema 4D – HDRI & Lighting Tips & Tricks

1 Jul

Today you will be learning how to create your own studio HDRI’s inside of cinema 4d using a few basic functions, HDRI’s are used in 3d programs to create realistic reflections to your scenes.



Spline Mesher Modifier

29 Jun

A modifier that meshes a spline in much the same way as the Renderable Spline options in 3dsmax, but offers additional options like using a curve to control the shape.

The curve used to control the shape is the animation curve assigned to the ‘Shape’ channel: it uses the values from 0 – 100 (regardless of any animation range in the scene) as percent along the curve. Watching the quicktime might make it clearer.

Has a grow option, a second curve shape you can blend in, mapping options.

No docs at the moment, most of the spinners should make sense but if you want to enable the seondary shape (which is the ‘shape tip’ channel) the set the ‘Grow Style’ to 1. You then use the ‘Tip Blend Point’ and ‘Tip Blend Range’ to control where and how softly the shape transitions from controlled by the first curve to the second.

For download & more detail visit

3ds Max 2012 Using CAT to Create Realistic Human Walk Cycle

28 Jun

Quick run thru showing how to change the default parametric walk cycle in CAT from something goofy to something usable. 3ds Max 2012 included.


Creating A Cool Broadcast Background In Cinema 4D & AE

27 Jun

In this tutorial author “Stefan Surmabojov” of cgtuts+ going to show you How to create a cool looking broadcast background using cinema 4d and after effects.

Check out the tutorial for Creating A Cool Broadcast Background In Cinema 4D & After Effects here.


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EASY Feather v.1

20 Jun This is Feather-RIG for a quick an easy way to setup and build realistic Feathers.

Supported C4D releases:  R13, Required C4D modules:  Hair



Cinema 4D: How to Write Text With The Marker

18 Jun

In this tutorial from ““ show you  how to, model a marker, create basic material for it, clone and animate, set proximal shadar, set lights, after effects correction.


Download Project File.

Using Marker to Text project file:

Download Project File.